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JCrew has Maternity Pants, but Where are the Shirts?

JCrew has come out with a few different styles of maternity pants. Of course this is very exciting to all JCrew fans! However…they have NOT added any maternity shirts to their collection.  I haven’t found any explanation for this and the models appear to be wearing regular JCrew shirts.


The message seems to be, “if you can fit into our maternity pants then you must be controlling your weight gain to the point where you can fit into our shirts as well.” This isn’t necessarily quite as bad as it sounds. First of all the American Pregnancy Association suggests that women of a normal weight prior to pregnancy “should gain” 25-35lbs. Of course this can be really HARD when you are feeling miserable and the only foods that help are ice cream and pretzels no matter how hard you are trying to control what you eat. The American Pregnancy Association changes the “should gain” for normal women to “strive for a weight gain” of 11-20lbs for women with a BMI of 30 or more. I can’t think of anything nice to say about that so go ahead and form your own opinions on it! Nevertheless it is healthier to limit your weight gain to what is suggested. As someone who gained too much in pregnancy I can tell you it only served to make misery more miserable and extended the “fourth” trimester for an unfortunate amount of time.

If you do gain less it makes it easier to continue to exercise (I imagine although I can’t say personally). I do feel that I would have coped better with the crazy changes my body was undergoing if I hadn’t felt I was just continually getting fatter on top of it. Better food choices and more exercise may have also prevented or at least limited the swelling I suffered. Certainly I will do my best to make way better choices in any other pregnancies!

In the meantime, back to the message JCrew is (or isn’t) sending. Perhaps what they are suggesting is that between limiting your weight gain to the recommended amount and purchasing shirts a size or two bigger will suffice for a maternity wardrobe. Some of the models are wearing button down shirts. It’s possible these are from their husband’s wardrobe and that is why they are able to wear them when pregnant. Or maybe it’s entirely unrealistic and only adds additional pressure to women that mostly ends up making them feel terrible about how they look and causes them to feel like they “failed” the management of their pregnancy. I’m pretty sure that’s how I felt by the end of it all.